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In case you're wondering...

The promotion starts at 12:01 am (AEST) on May 8th , 2024, and ends at 11:59 pm
(AEST) on June 17th , 2024.


Yes, this promotion is only open to Australian residents.

To enter, individuals must undertake the following steps during the Promotional

  1. Purchase any eligible product from the following list from a participating store:

    • Small Breed Mobility 2.5kg Adult Cat Total Wellbeing Chicken & Salmon 6kg
    • Adult Cat Total Wellbeing Ocean Fish 6kg
    • Adult Chicken with Rice 6kg
    • Adult Multi Cat Chicken & Salmon 6kg
    • Kitten Chicken with Rice 6kg
    • Adult Dog Toy Small Breed Chicken 8kg
    • Adult Small Breed Turkey with Rice 8kg
    • Adult Total Wellbeing Toy/Small Breed - Lamb & Rice 8kg
    • Puppy Small Breed Rehydratable Chicken with Rice 8kg
    • Adult Dog All Breed Active 13kg
    • Adult Dog All Breed Dental 13kg
    • Adult Dog Large+ Breed Dental 13kg
    • Adult Dog Oodles Large 13kg
    • Adult Dog Oodles Small 13kg
    • Adult Dog Retriever 13kg
    • Adult Dog Shepherd 13kg
    • Adult Dog Terrier Medium 13kg
    • All Breed Sensitive Skin & Digestion Salmon with Rice 13kg
    • Large Breed Healthy Weight Chicken and Rice 13kg
    • Small Terriers Ocean Fish with Rice 13kg
    • Medium Breed Mobility 13kg
    • Large Breed Mobility 13kg
    • Oodles Puppy 13kg
    • Maltese Cross 13kg
    • Weight Control All Breed - Chicken 13kg
    • Adult Dog Large+ Breed Mature Chicken 15kg
    • Adult Large Breed Chicken with Rice 15kg
    • Adult Large Breed Lamb with Rice 15kg
    • Adult Large Breed Turkey with Rice 15kg
    • Adult Medium Breed Lamb with Rice 15kg
    • Adult Medium Breed Turkey with Rice 15kg
    • Adult Total Wellbeing All Breed - Chicken 15kg
    • Medium Breed Healthy Ageing Chicken with Rice 15kg
    • Puppy Large Breed Chicken with Rice 15kg
    • Puppy Plus Growth All Breed - Chicken 15kg
  2. Visit or scan the QR code displayed on any promotional material.

  3. Input the requested details on the entry form, including but not limited to:

    • Full name
    • Valid email address
    • Phone number
  4. Select the tick box to consent to receive promotional, marketing, and research materials from the Promoter.

  5. Upload a copy of the purchase receipt.

  6. Submit the fully completed online entry form.

A participating store is any retail store (including in-store or online) in Australia that is an authorised stockist of at least one (1) OPTIMUM™ product range during the Promotional Period.

There is are 5x major prize’s of ‘A Year’s Worth of OPTIMUM™ Dry Pet Food’.

There are also 50 x $100 Prepaid Digital Mastercards minor prizes.

For a valid entry, your receipt must be clear, and to include retailer purchased from, date of purchase and eligible product. If your receipt does not include these, it can be deemed invalid.

Entry is open to Australian residents aged 18 years or over. Visit here to learn more about our privacy policy.

Yes, Proof of purchase in the form of a purchase receipt is required for all entries. Failure to provide proof of purchase when requested may result in the invalidation of your entry. You will need to keep proof of purchase until after 10:00 am (AEST) on June 26th, 2024, when the major and minor prize draw is complete and validated.

One year’s supply of OPTIMUM™ Dry pet food is 12 months of dry food for one cat or one dog with the appropriate OPTIMUM™ diet. The quantity defined as “1 year’s supply” is determined by the recommended feeding guide relevant to the recommended OPTIMUM™ Dry pet food product and the size of the winner’s cat or dog, as prescribed on the back of the relevant product pack.


You are permitted to enter once per day, provided you only enter once per purchase transaction.

Once the prize draw is conducted at 10:00 am (AEST) on June 26th , 2024, all major and minor prize winners will be notified by email and phone within two (2) business days of the draw.

No. Each valid entry submitted has the potential to be a winning entry for 1 minor prize or the Major (excluding SA Residents).


Major and Minor Prizes can be claimed until 10:00 am AEST on September 12th, 2024.


A second chance draw for prizes that were not won will take place at 10:00 am AEST on September 12th, 2024. Only entries that have not won a prize already will be automatically entered. Winners (if any) will be notified via email within 7 business days.

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