Find the right nutritional fit for your furry friend

From growing pains to golden years, OPTIMUM™ supports your cat’s evolving nutritional needs. Browse Dr Cherlene’s recommendations for products that best suit your cat, so they get the most out of their food and more out of life

No matter the life stage or lifestyle,
find the right nutrition
for your cat

What is your cat’s life stage?

OPTIMUM™ Kitten with Chicken dry cat food is specially formulated to fuel your kitten’s vital growth stages. Enriched with colostrum for gastrointestinal support and calcium and phosphorus for growing teeth and bones, it sets the foundation for a healthy future. Build your kitten’s internal defences with bioavailable antioxidants while they groom that healthy coat thanks to a nourishing blend of omega-6 and zinc.

OPTIMUM™ Adult with Ocean Fish dry cat food is expertly formulated to deliver your cat the nutrition and added benefits it needs during adulthood. The recipe supports all critical areas of health, including antioxidants for immune health, prebiotics for digestion, arginine for heart health and pH-balancing nutrients to maintain a healthy urinary tract. This tasty everyday meal also features a tailored blend of zinc and omega fatty acids to keep your cat’s coat healthy.

Considering switching cat food as your pet ages? OPTIMUM™ Mature Salmon Chunks in Jelly is a delicious choice, designed to meet the distinct requirements of older cats. With high natural arginine levels, this blend promotes healthy blood circulation and cardiac function. It also supports urinary tract health by encouraging adequate water intake while delivering complete and balanced nutrition. Give your cat the gift of ideal health throughout their sunset years.

Does your cat have a health condition?

OPTIMUM™ Furball Adult with Chicken dry cat food is specifically formulated for cats prone to furball formation. This recipe contains beet pulp fibre, which aids in the passage of furballs through the digestive tract. Meanwhile, balanced mineral levels support urinary tract health, wholegrains promote healthy digestion, and an antioxidant blend supports your cat’s natural defences. Rest assured your cat’s vitality is covered, with arginine to promote heart health, plus manganese, omega-3 and calcium for maintaining healthy joints.

OPTIMUM™ Indoor with Chicken dry cat food has been crafted to address the specific needs of indoor cats. With L-carnitine to promote healthy weight maintenance, Yucca Extract to minimise litter box odour and beet pulp fibre to reduce furballs, it’s the perfect choice to help your indoor cat thrive. The bespoke recipe also contains zinc and omega-6 for skin and coat health, antioxidants for immune health and balanced nutrients for urinary tract health – a complete source of everyday nutrition for your feline friend.

OPTIMUM™ Urinary Care with Chicken dry cat food is a nutritionally balanced grain-free recipe designed to support your cat’s urinary tract health. The specially formulated blend of minerals promotes a mildly acidic urine pH, helping maintain a healthy urinary tract. Featuring high levels of arginine for heart health, choline for liver health and antioxidants for immune support this everyday meal offers comprehensive wellness benefits.

OPTIMUM™ Oral Care Adult with Chicken dry cat food is specially formulated to promote healthy teeth and gums. The crunchy texture combined with a potent active ingredient helps reduce daily plaque and tartar build-up. Treat your cat to a meal filled with antioxidants for immune support, prebiotics for digestion, arginine for heart health and a blend of zinc and omega-6 to maintain its skin and coat health.

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